The Opp Public Library has recently switched ebooks providers. Instead of Overdrive, our ebook lending platform is now Baker & Taylor's Axis360 (or "Magic Wall"), which provides a much easier interface for our patrons to use.

To visit Magic Wall, go here: http://opp.axis360.baker-taylor.com/.

To check out an ebook, all you need is your library card number. On the Magic Wall page, go to the top right corner of the screen, click "Login," and enter your library card number. That's all. Now, you can start checking out ebooks!

The ebooks provided by Baker & Taylor come in two formats: Blio and ePUB. For Kindle or iPad, you will want to check out the ePUB version (that's the one with an "e" for a logo). To do so, just hold your mouse over whatever book you want. A side bar will pop up, showing information on the book. At the bottom of the side bar will be two circles: one with a "b" in it, one with an "e."  You want the one with an "e." Just click on that circle then click "Checkout." Then you're done!

If you need a little more help figuring out how to use Magic Wall, Baker & Taylor has a handy series of Youtube videos showing how to check out books on several different devices. Just go to https://www.youtube.com/user/Axis360Support, and you can find videos showing you how to get your ebooks for whatever device you use.

Make sure to check out our ebook collection frequently! At the moment, it's rather small, but we're still building it, and new items will be added every few weeks. New releases and classics alike will be available at the push of just a few buttons.

Please note that, due to technical issus, original Kindles cannot check out ebooks at this time. Kindle Fires and later models can. Don't worry, though; we're working to resolve this issue as soon as possible!


Unknown said...

Are there going to be children's books? We'll try to be patient, but so far we're just a little disappointed and we really miss the larger selection of Overdrive. Also, we only have one Kindle Fire!
Joann Estis

Opp Library said...

Joann, as we're still building up the collection, we rely on patrons to let us know what needs aren't being met. We have a couple of youth books, but we'll look to expand our collection as we develop it.

Thanks for the input!