Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Trip Around the World Begins!

On Monday, we began our trip of discovery of different cultures and countries. The first country we explored was China. We had a guest reader, Mrs. Dorinda, who read Tikki Tikki Tembo. The children love this story. It is such a hit that we have read it two years in a row! Ask your child to help you say the name of the boy in the story: Tikki Tikki Tembo- No Sa Rembo- Chari Bari Ruchi- Pip Peri Pembo. The name is repeated throughout the book, and the children love to help the reader chant the name each time.

For a craft, we made a fan with the younger children from a coloring sheet of a Chinese garden. It was fun to see the little ones learning the traditional back and forth accordian fold for the first time. Many of the children, who already had this skill mastered, gloried in being able to help other boys and girls. It makes the children feel smart and grown-up to be able to teach someone something. Act as if you don't know how to do something and have your child teach you how to do it. Watch their eyes light up as they teach!

In the older class, we made a paper lantern. The older group of children is much smaller this year than in years past, but the children in this group absolutely love being in the small group. We had one boy in the group on Monday, who promptly went home and told his mom how much he liked being the only boy!

What I learned from Monday's sessions: Our children need encouragement. We are so busy, and we all, myself included, fail to encourage our children's thoughts, creativity, and efforts as much as we should. This is especially evident in children who are less well-behaved than others. One child in particular was having behavior problems, but had such a positive reaction, better behavior, and attitude after I had given her a big dose of encouragement!

Thank you all for stopping by today! Photos are coming soon!

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