Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Books for July

Need an escape from all this summer heat? A new book and a shade tree is all you need.

Jeffrey Archer – Be Careful What You Wish For
Steve Berry – The Lincoln Myth
Miranda Beverly-Whittemore – Bittersweet
C.J. Box – Stone Cold
Pierce Brown – Red Rising
Margaret Coel – Killing Custer
Michael Connelly – The Gods of Guilt
Clive Cussler – The Bootlegger
Mark Z. Danielewski – The Fifty Year Sword
Richard Dawkins – The Ancestor’s Tale
Janet Evanovich – Takedown Twenty
Richard Fenyman – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
John Gardner – The Art of Fiction
Jane Green – Tempting Fate
John Grisham – Sycamore Row
Carl Hoffman – Savage Harvest
Douglas Hofstadter – Godel, Escher, Bach
Greg Isles – Natchez Burning
David Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow
Phil Klay – Redeployment
Herman Koch – Summer House With Pool
Michael Lewis – The Big Short
Ransom Riggs – Hollow City
Carl Sagan – Broca’s Brain
Carl Sagan – Pale, Blue Dot
Huston Smith – The World’s Religions
Deborah Soloman – American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
Amy Tan -  The Valley of Amazement
Donna Tartt – The Goldfinch
Neil deGrasse Tyson – Space Chronicles

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