Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Magic Wall is Up

The Opp Public Library has fully switched its ebook content from Overdrive to Baker & Taylor's Axis360 or "Magic Wall!" This switch will provide a much simpler interface that is easier to navigate on all devices. Just as importantly, by switching to Magic Wall, the Opp Public Library will no longer be sharing its collection with other Alabama libraries. The books you see on our Magic Wall belong to the library alone. This means no more long waiting times for the latest releases!

Because we have only recently switched over, our collection is still small. However, make sure to check in often as we will be adding new titles every few weeks. Both the latest bestsellers and the classics will be available for iPad, Kindle, and the family computer.

If you're ready to start checking out ebooks, then head over to Magic Wall and give it a try! All you need is your library card number. Just hit "Login," enter your number, and you're set.

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