Friday, January 12, 2024

Puzzle Competition on January 29, 2024


  • Do you love puzzles? If so, Opp Public Library has an event FOR YOU! January 29, 2024 is National Puzzle Day and we want to celebrate!
  • This is a teen/adult event.
  • Each time will receive the same 300 piece puzzle and will not see it until 6pm when the competition begins.
  • The goal is to be the team that finishes the puzzle FIRST.
  • Time limit is 120 minutes. In the event that no team finishes the puzzle, prizes will go to the teams closest to completing.
  • No outside assistance permitted- ONLY the team members listed on your registration are allowed to work on the puzzle.

    This competition is sponsored by  Friends of the Opp Public Library. We will provide bottles of water and food prior to the competition. 

    Deadline to register is January 25, 2024. Come by the library to register!

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